Tulips Talk


Tulips Talk and spring is here. Soon tulips will be popping up with their brilliant and dazzling colours contrasting against the remains of melting white banks of snow. As tulips start popping out of the ground in all their glorious shape and colours , it almost feels as though tulips talk to you. They seem to bring […] Read more »

Digitalism Magazine on Creative Content Marketing of Brands

Brand Moments by artist Anuppa Caleekal copyright

Brands Brands play a significant part in the way some people carry out their style. Not all people need brands to define their fashion style. Some people detest brands. They may not be in a financial position to entertain luxury brands, or they may not be status driven or aroused by conventional stimulants to possess […] Read more »

The Berta Bridal Gown


The Berta bridal gown line is designed by Israeli fashion designer Berta.The Berta Bridal Gown is probably one of the most exquisite bridal gown designs of our time. The bridal gown designs embrace the epitome of synchronizing the beautiful imagery which encompasses our imaginations of weddings and brides. It may be old fashioned to see femininity embraced […] Read more »

Bollywood Fashion Design in Canada

Design Hut

Bollywood Fashion Designs in Canada There are many Bollywood fashion shopping outlets in Canada but to find one catered to all your unique fashion design needs may require alot of searching around. Design Hut, located in Brampton, Ontario is Canada’s one stop shopping spot for all your fashion design needs. Design Hut is conveniently located […] Read more »

Gypsy Fashion

Giorgio Armani

Gypsy fashion has influenced designers such as Pria Kataria, Neeta Lulla, Vicky Martin Berrocal, Malini Ramani. Robert Cavelli, Anna Sui and especially Giorgio Armani’s 2008 fall collection.      What makes the gypsy style endure in   fashion?     Whether it is layered skirts worn over  leggings gathered on the bottom, sequined shawls draped […] Read more »

Jimmy Choo Luxury Brand of Womens Shoes

Jimmy Choo, Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Jimmy Choo, Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky, Photoshop by Artist, Anuppa Caleekal, copyright 2011, www.digitalism.ca The launch and success of the incredibly beautiful Jimmy Choo luxury brand of womens shoes all began in 1996. Last year Jimmy Choo Ltd reported net sales of £150m. Back in 1996 Jimmy Choo with co founder British Vogue […] Read more »

BZMA Chantilly Lace Fusion Fashion

bisma ahmed 1

                                      An exciting trend of regal cultural fusion in women’s fashion marks the times as the internet makes it seamless for cross cultural transfer, e-commerce  and virtual mobility across the globe. With the Royal wedding over, many […] Read more »

Women and Bow Ties


                  Bow Ties are a definite fashion accessory and fashion statement for the woman who strides with definition and determination of identity. There is no air of ambiguity or lack of style when it comes to defining the woman who wears a bow tie. Perhaps the ambiguity […] Read more »

Digitalism Magazine RedFlash Matrimony of Bollywood and Barcelona in Bridal Jewellery

Digitalism Magazine RedFlash Matrimony of Bollywood and Barcelona in Bridal Jewellery Article by Anuppa Caleekal published 2007 ©,  Digitalism Magazine © www.digitalism.ca India’s Bollywood, the world’s largest and fastest growing film industry produces about a thousand movies per year and boasts a world audience estimated to be more than two billion viewers across 127 countries,dubbed […] Read more »