Indianlife Masala and Samosa Chips

Indianlife Masala and Samosa Chips

Indianlife Masala and Samosa Chips  adds a little variety for those of us who are chip and snack lovers. Not only are these Indianlife snacks unique additions to healthy Canadian market food products, but are also exotic and delightful in taste. Indianlife Masala and Samosa Chips are vegan made with non GMO ingredients, no preservatives […] Read more »

Digitalism Kitchen Olive Tapenade on Boiled Egg

boiled egg olive tapenade

  Anuppa’s Digitalism Kitchen presents Boiled Eggs and Olive Tapenade for that special morning breakfast. The Olive Tapenade presented by the Digitalism Kitchen is a puréed mixture of Unico sliced kalamato olives,  capers,  garlic, fresh basil leaves and olive oil. It is a perfect addition to boiled eggs as  presented below. Digitalism Kitchen Olive Tapenade Ingredients: […] Read more »

Digitalism Online Magazine Recipe for Pasta

Marco Zanier Reginelle Pasta Photo Digitalism Online Magazine

Digitalism Online Magazine celebrates the coming of spring with a recipe using Reginelle Pasta,an Italian product by Marco Zanier. Reginelle pasta are long strands of pasta which like like colourful ribbons. There is not a more delightful way to celebrate the coming of spring. Digitalism Online Magazine chose this particular Marco Zanier pasta because of […] Read more »

Super Bowl Recipe from Digitalism

Super Bowl recipe from Digitalism Mmagazine

This Super Bowl recipe from Digitalism Online Magazine is quick and easy. If you are looking for a Super Bowl recipe this might be just what you need.With Super Bowl Sunday approaching fast what makes Game Day fun is a Super Bowl recipe which wins your guests over. This Super Bowl recipe is for a […] Read more »

Victoria Day Holiday Recipe for Stuffed Eggplant Italian Style

chinese eggplant

Stuffed Eggplant Eggplant is a low-calorie vegetable choice. Kick start and celebrate your first summer holiday long weekend on Victoria Day with this recipe for an Italian style stuffed Eggplant recipe.  Welcome  the first summer long weekend with this easy to cook meal of stuffed eggplants. The stuffed eggplants are light and easy on the digestive system. Best of all, […] Read more »

Budget Menu Planning with President’s Choice and Zehrs Flyer

PCBlue Menu Lean ItalianMeatballs

Budget Menu Planning with President’s Choice and Zehrs Flyer With food prices on the rise the last couple of years, some grocery products especially vegetables and dairy products have seen a marked 11 percent increase this past year. It has been predicted that grocery prices will feel less pressure to increase prices when input costs […] Read more »

Superbowl Bollywood Chicken Drumsticks

Digitalism's Superbowl Bollywood Chicken Drumsticks

Superbowl Bollywood Chicken Drumsticks Superbowl Sunday is just around the corner. Spice it up with Superbowl Bollywood Chicken Drumsticks, an ideal appetizer when hosting a home TV sports event gathering like  Superbowl . It can be an appetizer crowd pleaser for Superbowl Sunday or side dish to a Bollywood themed dinner or a Bollywood Movie night. […] Read more »

Bollywood Caesar

Bollywood Caesar® HOT HOT HOT Shaque Shaque Shaque A non- alcoholic alternative  Starring Ingredients: fresh coriander leaves ( at least 16 leaves washed and minced ) half teaspoon of Shah’s Mint Chutney ( Jay Shah Foods Canada ) One and a half teaspoons Borden’s Realime Three drops of Tobasco sauce Read more »