Digitalism Magazine Looks at Chinese Jewellery Brands

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Chinese Jewellery Brands Chinese Jewellery brands are starting to make a distinct mark in the international arena of fine jewellery. Some of the noteworthy Chinese jewellery brands which seem to be getting a closer look by jewellery lovers in China as well internationally are Chow Tai Fook, TTF , Qeelin, Bao Bao Wan, and Shang […] Read more »

Digitalism Magazine Looks at The Audrey of Pearls

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In this issue of Digitalism Magazine, we take a look back at The Audrey of Pearls, the actress and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn and the June gemstone, Pearls. June being the time for many weddings, pearls are often the celebrated jewellery of choice for weddings and wedding anniversaries. Although Audrey Hepburn never believed she was iconic […] Read more »

Digitalism Online Magazine on India International Jewellery Week

National Institute of Design

In this issue of Digitalism, India International Jewellery Week is spotlighted. India International Jewellery Week is here again and this year it will be held at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai July 13-17, 2014 Jewellery from India reflects an artistic and intricate craftsmanship unique and distinct from other parts of the world. The India International Jewellery Week […] Read more »

The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

Smit Diam Co., Ltd. - Taiwan

The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show which took place early this month was noted to be a great success.Organized by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC ) jewellery is just one of the many shows the HKTDC organizes to promote opportunities for Hong Kong  companies.The jewellery at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show […] Read more »

Crowdsourcing Jewellery

She is a Diamond in The Wild

Crowdsourcing Jewellery Crowdsourcing is a business stategy talked about in many circles and more recently becoming popular and gaining strength in various industries. In the jewellery industry crowdsourcing jewellery may actually oil the wheels for new brand building , increase consumer purchasing incentives and develop jewellery profit sharing. Crowdsourcing jewellery has started to be a 2013 […] Read more »

New Guelph Jewellery Store


New Guelph Jewellery Store, Zak’s Jewellers is an addition to the list of  new Guelph Jewellery stores of 2012. Zak’s Jewellers Guelph is situated in the south end of Guelph. Zak’s Jewellers Guelph has a wide array of gold , precious gems,diamond jewellery also designer jewellery in elements such as silver and stainless steel for both men and women.As one […] Read more »

Canadian Online Shopping with Simons

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Canadian Online shopping with Simons is available expanding the customer base from Quebec to the rest of Canada. La Maison Simons having a legendary historical Canadian start up back story since 1812  has since 2010 gone digitally transactional. Their website offering the hottest fashions, home décor and accessories, now allows for Canadian Online shopping with Simons […] Read more »

Diamonds A Digitalism Magazine Review of Diamond Impact in India and Canada

Canada and India Diamond Love by Copyright © Anuppa Caleekal

 Anuppa Caleekal. Copyright © Digitalism Online Magazine,, August 2012 Diamonds are trending as a noticeably new growth in diamond popularity with an increased demand for diamond jewellery in both India and China. The Canadian diamond in terms of  quality, value and  production is crucial to the world’s diamond jewellery market. In a report from The World Jewellery […] Read more »

South Bay Jewellery in California


South Bay Jewellery The exquisite eye candy gems that you see from South Bay Jewellery are no doubt stunning pieces. South Bay Jewelry or South Bay Jewellery  has operated since 1969 and probably one of the best jewellery stores in Southern California. South Bay Jewelry/ South Bay Jewellery pieces are unique for anniversaries, weddings and engagements. They are all one of kind pieces. […] Read more »