Digitalism Magazine Christmas Gift Ideas In Guelph

Digitalism Magazine Flowers

Digitalism Magazine illustrates some Christmas shopping magic .When it comes to local shopping , Guelph offers many outlets to foster your Christmas shopping creativity. This issue looks at a Digitalism Magazine Christmas Gift Idea In Guelph. One of the ways to create unique Christmas gifts is to shop local. Local Guelph shopping not only supports […] Read more »

One Way Ticket to Mars One

Bowie meets Marsgirl1

The Mars One future mission is a one way ticket to Mars where selected applicants live on Mars with no return to Earth . Mars One mission ( is a non profit organization planning for a permanent human settlement on Mars. That’s right, the plan is to leave Earth and go to Mars forever. Mars One […] Read more »

Guelph Florist Take A Bough

birthday setting

Recently I had the fine experience of getting a floral arrangement done by a Guelph Florist, Take A Bough. Located in the south end of Guelph , Take A Bough is a quaint little Guelph florist shop doing flower arrangements serving the community for many years. I needed a simple birthday floral arrangement to be placed […] Read more »

The Digitalism Garden

Digitalism garden Lemon (Nemesia hybrid)

The garden is one of the best escapes one can create in a living environment. Digitalism Magazine spotlights some summer garden flowers available to the canadian summer garden. A garden can draw peace and colours creating an avenue to relieve stress from the fast pace of daily life. Daily sensory stimulation of colors through flowers and […] Read more »

Nike Fuel Band

nike fuel band

Jimmy Fallon on his late night show, sported the new Nike Fuel Band, the latest 2012 Nike gadjet that measures your activity throughout your day. An accelerometer measures your activity and quantifies it into “fuel” and LED coloured lights display when you approach your target goal. With a built  in USB port and mobile app, […] Read more »

ARTFLUTE and Interior Decorating

Are you having trouble picking an art piece for a wall in your home or office? Have you ever felt that a special wall in your home or office needs something to bring about colours with a mood and you just cant seem to narrow it down to selecting that perfect piece of art. ? […] Read more »

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, a Desi Feng Shui ? by Anuppa Caleekal © Copyright A.Caleekal Advancing towards a landscape of metal hoods, the sun sets. In your rearview, all you see is miles of cars lined up crawling, almost stationary. It’s rush hour and you are one of many hundreds stuck after work in traffic just longing […] Read more »